BoCandy review April, 2016

BoCandy is a subscription box that delivers different candy from all over the world to your door every month!


This month my box included 8 types of candy from 5 different countries!


The Goods

  1. Fruit Rowntrees – United Kingdom. Regular price: ~$1.45


These are good! They’re little round gummies dipped in sugar. I liked the added texture from the sugar coating, they were satisfying like gummy bears but with a kick!

2. Vero Elote Lollipop – Mexico. Regular price: ~.50


First, I’m just going to have to insert the description from a website selling these, I literally laughed out loud when I read this

“Elote” is the Spanish word for a popular street food originating from Mexico. Imagine plump corn on the cob, sprinkled with chili powder, and topped with lemon juice. Well thanks to Vero, that authentic Mexican treat isn’t limited to the street because you can find the same flavor in a smaller yet equally delicious lollipop version.

CORN ON THE COB DIPPED IN CHILI POWDER FLAVORED LOLLIPOP!! Hahahah!!! Trust me, this is JUST as terrible as it sounds. I tried it for the sake of this review and this is before I knew what it was – and I almost gagged. Mexico likes spicy candy, I remember the cooks in this restaurant I used to work at were always bringing in weird spicy candy… I don’t get how anyone thinks this is good.

3. Teddy Pops – Japan. Regular price: ~$.50


These are like gummy bears but hard candy. Japan likes to make candy that looks like one thing but tastes like another (see next candy). These were surprisingly flavorful, the flavors were really accurate, too. Like they taste like if you mashed the actual fruit in to a hard candy lol.

4. DIY Ice Cream Candy – Japan. Regular price: ~$3.86


So this is what it looked like out of the package, there is instructions on the back. I couldn’t read them but the pictures show the lil guys pouring water in, stirring, and… ta-da! Holding ice cream cones. So I figured it out… I was so proud when mine looked like legit ice cream:


Then I tasted it… umm maybe it was worse because I was expecting a vanilla ice cream taste but it was a sour fizzy candy taste. Then I saw the lemonade on the cover (a glass of liquid lemonade with a straw) next to the ice cream cone people making ice cream cones. So perhaps it is lemonade-flavored-ice-cream-shaped candy. I can’t wrap my head around why this is a thing.

5. Fruit Gum – Japan. Regular price: ~$1.20


This gum was SO delicious! It was super super fruity and flavorful. I couldn’t tell you if the flavor lasts, though, because I couldn’t resist the urge to swallow it lol. Yeah, I’m a gum swallower… it’s just regular candy to me haha.

6. Figaro Vanilla in Chocolate Bar – Poland. Regular price: ~$2.50


This was pretty good. The center was extremely soft and fluffy. I liked the smooth and sweet goodness!

7. Chocolate Cream Draze – Poland. ~$3.00


These are great! Once again, had absolutely no idea what these were or what they’d taste like. Turns out they taste AmaZing, that’s what. They taste like soft little white chocolate M&M’s. They’re white all the way through, with the outside  a bit more firm than the inside. I can’t stop eating them!

8. Kex Bar – Sweden. Regular price: $1.95


Oh my goodness these are the freaking bomb. I LOVE chocolate from Sweden!! They taste like KitKat bars with honey and gourmet chocolate. Yes, I know that sounds amazing and yes, it is.


Based on my questionable estimations of what these candies are sold for, I estimated the value of this box to be about $15.00. BoCandy is $8.50/mo for 3-4 candies and $15.00/mo for 6-9 candies. The prices are lower if you subscribe for more months at a time. I got the full size. I have to say, I am more than impressed by this subscription and think all these delicious candies from other countries are ToTally worth the $15.00. I’d never get to try them otherwise so that makes it worth it for me. I got my first box for 50% off by searching “BoCandy coupon” in google. Get your subscription today!

Ease of Cancellation

Cancelling is super easy! You can cancel right from your account page. I will have to say this, though. Before my first box arrived at my house, I received an email saying my subscription had been renewed. This was odd, because now I had been charged for 2 months before I even got my first box. I emailed them to ask why, and this is what they told me:

“Our products are gathered from around the world, so we place our inventory orders to various suppliers well in advance of when our subscriptions ship out. Because of the nature of the subscription, you pay a month in advance to ensure we receive payment before we ship your product. This means that whenever you decide it is time to move on from the Bocandy family, you will receive one final package after you stop paying. Your February payment is for your March box, your March payment is for your April box, etc. ”

With that being said, if you just want to try BoCandy and know you don’t want to commit to it, make sure you cancel your subscription as soon as you get an email from them letting you know your package has shipped. Not before it arrives. I got my “shipped” notification March 15, charged for second box March 18, and received the first box March 21. So just cancel when you get the shipped notification and you should be fine. Then, if you DO love it, you can simply hit the “reactivate” button on your account to keep the candy coming! This is a review of the second box I got charged for before I got my first box and was unaware of the above information, so learn from me!



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