HelloFresh review week of March 28, 2016

HelloFresh is a subscription box that delivers delicious and healthy recipes with pre-measured ingredients to your door every week!


The Goods

  1. Feisty Fiesta Fish Tacos with Grapefruit, Avocado, and Cabbage Slaw.

This recipe was fun to cook. I had to segment a grapefruit and remove the pieces and it was kind of nostalgic to when I was little sitting in front of the TV with half a grapefruit and a pile of sugar on top, segmenting it and eating the pieces.  I cut up the shallot and the cilantro stems (after I separated the leaves), and grabbed the avocado. It was dark brown, almost black, and extremely mushy. Since I don’t know much about avocado, I googled it to see if it was edible. It was defiantly “spoiled”, but after seeing mixed opinions I figured I’d eat the half that was still firm enough to form slices if I was really, really careful. I didn’t get sick that night so that’s good.

Fun fact: cilantro is basically my least favorite food, absolutely my least favorite leafy green, lol. I forgot to only add the cilantro to half of the cabbage mix (for me), so I only ended up eating one taco because it was hard to pick out the stems. (Another flash back wink wink). My boyfriend ate his and my second taco, though. So I’d say it was a success. Kind of. The entire meal only took 30 minutes and was by far the easiest meal this week.


  1. Jamie’s Tasty Grilled Chicken with Warm Green Bean Salad

For this meal, first step is to pick the rosemary leaves into a pestle and mortar. If you are wondering what a pestle and mortar is… join the club! It is a cooking utensil that looks like grinders from chemistry class in high school, with the bowl and the rounded crusher tool. I didn’t happen to have one of these on hand so I picked and chopped the rosemary leaves by hand. I marinated the chicken in olive oil, lemon zest and juice, and rosemary leaves.

The reason I’m doing these boxes right now is to broaden my cooking horizons, so a lot of the terminology and utensils are new to me. When I was growing up, if there was a home cooked meal for dinner it was probably a special occasion. If my mom DID cook, she wouldn’t call me in to teach me her recipes or anything like that. Usually, I made my food myself, and I ate mostly microwave dinners or pre-packaged snacks. Anything I know about cooking I learned from Home-Ec or my Grandma. So preparing home cooked meals with fresh ingredients is completely new to me. As is using fresh vegetables not frozen or from a can, cutting up my own spices, using specific utensils… everything. So I’m learning, and hopefully once I get the hang of it I will start buying my own ingredients and cooking my own meals with recipes I find online or in a book.

Anyways, while the chicken was marinating, I put the tomatoes in the oven to roast and boiled the green beans. For the green bean salad, I added whole grain mustard… if you’ve never tried whole grain mustard, I suggest you do! I don’t actually like mustard, but this was great. It looks like this:


Lastly, I cooked the chicken for 3 minutes on each side. I put it all together and plated it. I made salads on the side just so we had a little extra to eat.  There was a straggler piece of chicken, so I shredded it and added it to our salads with dried cranberries, croutons, and raspberry vinaigrette dressing. This meal took 45 minutes to make.


  1. Juicy Lucy Burger with Tomato-Onion Jam and Baby Gem Lettuce Salad.

For this meal, I chopped up the red onion and tomatoes, and cooked them with sugar and balsamic vinegar until it became jam-like. To assemble the burgers, I split the meat and made 2 large circles. Then, I added a pile of cheddar to each one and folded the edges to seal the meat around the cheese. If you are not amazed right now, then you must be a lot more worldly than me, because this made me SUPER excited! A pile of cheese folded into the middle of a burger?! Holy crap… at this point  I knew this would be my favorite meal of the bunch.

While the burgers cooked, I put the buns in the oven to toast and started the balsamic dressing. The dressing was mayonnaise, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and roasted garlic paste whisked together. It tasted really great! Once everything was ready, I placed the burgers on the buns and topped with the tomato-onion jam and some gem lettuce. I made salads on the side with the remaining gem lettuce and the dressing I made. The meal took about 40 minutes. And yes, this was the best meal out of the bunch, or ever.


See that cheese in the center of the burger patty? That melty, gooey delicious cheese?! OK, just checking.



A HelloFresh subscription is $69/week. I think 3 home cooked meals with fresh and unique ingredients would cost about the same or more if I bought everything from the grocery store, so if you grocery shop weekly as I do, the money you save on groceries is about what you’ll be paying for the subscription. For me it’s more about the variety of ingredients and getting to try lots of new things that makes this preferable to cooking all my own meals. I always feel good about myself after making a fancy meal and also enjoy impressing my boyfriend! If you like to cook and try new things, you should give this a try. I used a Groupon for 2 weeks the price of one ($69 for 2 weeks of meals). This is the link. You’d defiantly spend more than that for 2 weeks of meals for you and your significant other and the Groupon also has family discount too… there is nothing to lose, Give it a try!

Ease of Cancellation

Deactivating your subscription is easy! You need to login to your account and follow these steps:

  • 1. Click on Your Subscriptions in the menu to the left
  • 2. If there you have more than one subscription, choose the subscription you’d like to cancel
  • 3. Scroll down and click on the Cancel my subscription link on the right side
  • 4. Follow the steps to cancel
  • 5. You will receive an email confirming your cancellation, please retain this for future reference.

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