Bass&Crates review April, 2016

Bass&Crates is a subscription box that sends new music festival, rave and EDM gear to your door every month. Each box is created just for you, based on your interests specified in the form you fill out when you sign up.


I listed my interests as glow toys, clothing, crystals, etc (you know the usual music festival stuff), and the box really included everything I listed in my interests and more!

The Goods

  1. Festival Trading Co. – Saved by the Bell Leggings. Regular price: $12.99

These leggings are exactly my style! They’re a great addition to my growing crazy colored leggings collection, and I’m being serious. Plus, they are literally the softest leggings I’ve ever felt… perfect festival attire. Comfortable, colorful, and easy to do yoga and/or cartwheels in. And DANCE in, obviously.

2. Bass&Crates Graphic T-shirt. Regular price: ~$12.00


This t-shirt has the Bass&Crates logo and says BASSANDCRATES.COM EDM/Rave/Festival Subscription Box. It is straightforward, and when advertising a brand- less is usually more. If it was a kaleidoscope of colors it would pull away from the logo, which would defeat the purpose.

3. Turquoise Pendant Necklace. Regular price: ~$6.99


This necklace is simple and goes with just about anything. It doesn’t make a huge statement like “hey! look at my necklace!” like some crystal jewelry, so I’ll be able to wear it as much as I want without it getting weird, lol. Turquoise is one of the oldest stones, and was worn as amulets by Turkish soldiers to protect them from injury and falls. It is said to protect the wearer from negative energy and bring good fortune.

4. Flashing Lights Bubble Gun. Regular price: ~$6.99

Yes!! This gun is awesome! I didn’t have high expectations for it honestly, but it shoots out like a million bubbles a minute and has a really powerful blue beam of light(like a blue flashlight) as well as the flashing lights. I can’t wait to prance around a concert and bless people with my fairy-bubbles.

5. Glow in Dark Face Paint. Regular price ~$5.99


I’ve always been a fan of face paint at music fests. See this picture of me decked out in black light paint, before a Disco Biscuits show, circa 2009:


I have a pretty extensive stock of body paint, but you can never have too much. Unfortunately when I tried these out on my arm I was pretty disappointed. You have to really try to get color to show up, and they’re not worth the effort.


6. Extreme Glow Flashing Lights Goggles. Regular price: $7.99


These look steampunk-esque and have 3 settings: rapid flash, slow flash or color scroll. Not practical to wear to church, but 3 A.M. at a music fest, you’ll blend right in :). Unless you are at the point where you prefer flashing lights to actual sight, these are more practical to wear as a headband. Everyone loves flashing lights, especially when people are wearing them and make a long trail of illumination as they stroll by, so you can’t go wrong if you have these on at a fest.

7. Vapur – Reflex Foldable Reusable Water Bottle. Regular price: $7.99


Ohhh the dreaded “Holy crap I’m going to die if I don’t find water THIS. SECOND. but I’m in the middle of hundreds of people and the beats about to drop…” followed by debating asking the stranger with questionable hygiene holding a water bottle nearby to maybe share a sip… Yeah. That sucks. It’s smart to always have a water bottle on you, but they’re bulky and annoying to carry. This water bottle has a metal clip so it can snap on to your purse strap (or fanny pack) easily, plus it’s reusable so you aren’t littering water bottles everywhere or carrying empty’s around. This is going to be a life saver!


A lot of these items I found in bulk for WAY cheaper than I valued them at. I searched until I could find individual prices from third party sellers and used those. So if I were to buy all this on my own, online, I’d be paying ~$60.94! This was the Vibe Crate box, which is $35.99/month. The box is a huge value, and with all my festival gear being delivered at a fraction of the prices, I have more money for tickets! Anyone who frequents raves or festivals would benefit from using this subscription. They also offer the CasualCrate for $27.99/mo, and the HeavyDrop crate for $69.99/mo.

*Any purchases made up to May 20th will be packed with even more items as these will be the “launch crates”.

Get your Bass&Crates today!

Ease of Cancellation

You can cancel this subscription straight from your Account page on the website. Go to Account > Subscriptions > Cancel. Piece of cake!


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