BoCandy review March 2016

BoCandy is a subscription box that delivers different candy from all over the world to your door every month!


This months box included 7 types of candy from 5 different countries!


The Goods

  1. Bounty Bar – UK. Regular price: $1.30


This tasted exactly like an Almond Joy, without the almond. I loved it! It tasted a bit more sweet, but in a good way. I’m glad I got a chance to try it because if not for this subscription I may never have gotten to.

2. Goralki Bar – Poland. Regular price: $.89


Hmm how do I describe this… It tasted like if you removed the peanut butter from a nutty bar and replaced it with vanilla-coconut creme! Pretty good. I love the light wafer texture.

3. Coris Whistle Candy – Japan. Regular price: $1.99


This candy is crazy! When you blow through the hole in the middle it makes an EAR-PIERCING whistle, like ridiculously loud and annoying, my dog hated it lol. I was expecting it to taste minty because it looks like Lifesaver mints, but it wasn’t. It was strawberry flavored deliciousness. I really loved the taste of these fruity candies, and it’s always a plus to enjoy candy and be able to annoy people at the same time! These come with a “bonus toy”, mine was a flower shaped clip. Ohh a flower shaped clip.. the possibilities are endless!

4. Tunnock’s Tea Cakes – Scotland. Regular price: $1.60

Wow! These are sooo good! It is basically a s’more but more cool and delicious. Light, soft marshmallow on a piece of graham flavored cake all covered in a thin layer of chocolate. I could eat these all day, it’s probably good I only got two.

5. Hazelnut Pralines – Poland. Regular price: $2.30

Creamy chocolate around a crunchy hazelnut… yes, please! I loved the combination of smooth and crunchy, plus the flavor in these is fantastic. Honestly I was really suspicious of how all this would taste when I opened my box but it just keeps getting better, everything is so great! Other countries know what’s up when it comes to candy.

6. Pikolo Fruit Drops – Poland. Regular price: $.50


These are tasty little hard candies. Their flavor is super fruity and each one was delicious. They reminded me of Lifesavers.

7. Zoozie Muss Cola Candy – Germany. Regular price: $1.00


If you’ve ever tried Lotsa Fizz candy, this candy is very similar to that. It is a hard candy with a fizzy center. It’s not immediately obvious that the flavor is Cola, but it defiantly leaves a Cola aftertaste.  Fun and tasty!


I found the prices of these items by searching them on google, and if they were being sold in bulk (say, $6.00 for 3) and I only had one, I’d divide the amount by 3 and get $2. So my final value for the candy in this box is $9.58, but keep in mind that anything sold in bulk is more expensive when bought individually. So take the estimate with a grain of salt.

Anyways, BoCandy is $8.50/mo for 3-4 candies and $15.00/mo for 6-9 candies. The prices are lower if you subscribe for more months at a time. I got the full size. I have to say, I am more than impressed by this subscription and think all these delicious candies from other countries are ToTally worth the $15.00. I’d never get to try them otherwise so that makes it worth it for me. I got my first box for 50% off by searching “BoCandy coupon” in google. Get your subscription today!

Ease of Cancellation

Cancelling is super easy! You can cancel right from your account page. I will have to say this, though. Before my first box arrived at my house, I received an email saying my subscription had been renewed. This was odd, because now I had been charged for 2 months before I even got my first box. I emailed them to ask why, and this is what they told me:

“Our products are gathered from around the world, so we place our inventory orders to various suppliers well in advance of when our subscriptions ship out. Because of the nature of the subscription, you pay a month in advance to ensure we receive payment before we ship your product. This means that whenever you decide it is time to move on from the Bocandy family, you will receive one final package after you stop paying. Your February payment is for your March box, your March payment is for your April box, etc. ”

With that being said, if you just want to try BoCandy and know you don’t want to commit to it, make sure you cancel your subscription as soon as you get an email from them letting you know your package has shipped. Not before it arrives. I got my “shipped” notification March 15, charged for second box March 18, and received the first box March 21. So just cancel when you get the shipped notification and you should be fine. Then, if you DO love it, you can simply hit the “reactivate” button on your account to keep the candy coming!




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