Pet Gift Box review March 2016

PetGiftBox is a monthly subscription box that delivers new toys and treats to your door monthly for your dog (or cat!).

This box is for my dog, Kona. I have another box on the way that is for my cat from this subscription, also. I think it would be really cool if they offered a cat AND dog box in one, for maybe $15 more than a regular box. Just a suggestion 😉

The Goods

  1. LOL Treats. Peanut Butter flavor. Regular price: $6.99


LOL stands for Lick-Out-Loud, very cute! This is a picture of Kona mid-roll-over trying to be cute so I will give him a treat! As you can see, these treats are very small so I gave him four. He loved them. They are soft and chewy and also wheat, corn, and soy free. A healthy and delicious treat for my baby.

2. Woofie Cushion Plush Toy. Regular price: $8.99


This toy is soft and stuffed, and whatever is in the middle makes a pig squeal noise if you squeeze it. I have to whack it really hard to get it to make the noise though, lol… I don’t know if I’m just challenged or if the toy is designed badly. Regardless, Kona really loved this toy! He carried it around with him all night and kept putting it in my lap to throw.

3. Silly Faces Big Smile Squeaky Lips Toy. Regular price: $6.99


This squeaky toy is shaped like lips so it will be funny when your dog carries it around. Unfortunately, Kona had zero interest in this toy so it looks like I’ll have to find my laughs elsewhere…

Doggy Delirious Dog Treats – Apple Cinnamon Bones. Regular price: $3.99


When I gave one of these to Kona, he sniffed it, picked it up, and then set it on the couch and laid down by it. He defiantly was not enthusiastic about it. This is how he reacts to any bone treats though so I expected it. Once I broke it into bite size pieces he ate it up. This is how he is with the little bone treats, I’m not sure why he won’t try to eat them whole but he always will eat them once I break them up. I don’t know, he’s weird. These are all natural and made in the USA which I like. Not something I’ll use to reward him, but I’ll break one up for him to snack on every once and a while.

5. Funny Bone – Crown Knuckle Beef Bone. Regular price: $8.99


My dog likes having bones like this around that he can chew on when he’s bored and that last a long time. It is a little messy so I set it on a towel and Kona laid there and chewed on it for about an hour before bed, he loves it! He gets BAD separation anxiety, so I really love when I find a tasty, long-lasting treat to keep him busy when I’m away, I think it helps calm him down. Kona gets separation anxiety even if only I am not home and my boyfriend is home, my boyfriend tells me he still just sadly sits by the door till I get back. This bone requires supervision, so I’ll let him have it when I am gone but my boyfriend is home so he can supervise and Kona will have something to keep him occupied.


This subscription is $28.99/month, $23.99/mo for 3 months, $20.99/mo for 6 months, and $18.99/mo for a year. The value of the items in this months box was about $35.95, so the items are about 20% less than MSRP if you pay month-by-month. Although this month, since Kona probably won’t be using the squeaky toy, I only really got what I’d be paying for if I were to buy these items on my own. The price is comparable with similar dog-related subscription boxes, and I love surprising Kona with new toys and treats either way 🙂

Use this link for 50% off, and give it a try today!

Ease of Cancellation

Cancelling is easy, just go to “Account”, then “My Subscriptions”, “Details”(next to the subscription you wish to cancel), and click the red “Cancel” button. That’s it!




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