Darby Smart review March 2016

Darby Smart is a subscription box that delivers fun and creative DIY projects to your door monthly.


This months box contained all the supplies you need to make metallic abstract art using gold leaf on black canvas.


The tools provided for this fun art project were 2 small black canvases, pads with three colors of gold leaf (silver, gold, bronze), a paint brush, adhesive pen, and sealer.


They include an informational card with a link to the website and a code you put in to get instructions for your specific project.

For this project, first I came up with a general idea of what I wanted mine to look like. I google image searched gold leaf on canvas and found this-


I thought it looked pretty cool and I tried to make a smaller version with my supplies. My little version of this is didn’t turn out QUITE as good….


Hey, it’s harder than it looks! Lol… for my second canvas I decided to just make something  using my own imagination. It turned out a bit better than the first one at least!


To make these, you just have to shake up the pen and press down on the point until the adhesive starts to come out, and apply it wherever you want the gold leaf to go. Then cut out the shape you want from the gold leaf and press it on the adhesive against the canvas. Once it is pressed on, you have to wait an hour for it to completely dry, pull back the wax thats connected to the gold leaf, and the part that was on the adhesive will stay. You have to wait in between layers an hour for it to dry each time… that is why mine are not layered…

The Final Result


Ta-Da!! They defiantly are not masterpieces but it was a ton of fun trying a new project and creating something with my own two hands! I love making art, and the idea of getting to try a totally new craft every month is so awesome to me!


Darby Smart is $19.00 a month, and I think the value lies more so in the experience than the cost. To me, being able to take a break and create something for myself or someone I love every month is priceless. I’m going to stick to this one, so stay tuned for more awesome crafts on my blog! Sign up for your Darby Smart DIY Box today and use code HOWDYDARBY for $10.00 off your first box!

Ease of Cancellation

To end your membership, send an email to wink@darbysmart.com and let them know you’d like to cancel.



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