Bulu Box review March 2016

Bulu Box is a health, nutrition and weight loss subscription box designed to help you feel your best. Each month, they send a custom box filled with a new mix of 4 to 5 premium samples to try.


The Goods

  1. Green Med AllerRite Herbal Supplements. 3 Capsule Sample.


These capsules are non habit-forming, non-drowsy, non-GMO, gluten-free, and have no artificial additives. They provide relief from symptoms of allergies such as sneezing, wheezing, runny nose, itchy/watery eyes, nasal congestion, and itchy skin. I get allergies in the spring and usually take Benadryl for them, but there are some studies that worry regular use of Benadryl puts you at a higher risk of developing dementia in old age. So I like the idea of a safer alternative, but I won’t know for sure until I try it and see if it works. I don’t have allergies though so I couldn’t tell you, sorry!

2. MontanaMEX Picante Salt Seasoning. Sample size.


WARNING: Do not pour this in your mouth to see what it tastes like!!!!! I’ll tell you right now and save your tongue… it’s HOT! If you like spicy foods, all you will need is a tiny dash of this to add major flavor! This is made with sea salt, jalapeño chile, garlic flakes and granules, cilantro and oregano. This is the only spice you will need if you add it to your burger or taco meat.

3. Caveman Dark Chocolate Almond Coconut Nutrition Bar. Sample size.


Wow…I thought Special K bars were good… these are in a league of their own! Literally the most delicious nutrition bar I’ve ever tried by a long shot. If you like to snack on health bars during the day you really need to give these a try. First thing I did was get online and buy a box after I ate this!

4. Vital-4u Probiotic Dietary Fiber Pouch. Sample size.


When I saw “drink from the pouch” I automatically assumed it would taste like cough syrup or have a medicine taste and I’d have to choke it down. Surprisingly it’s actually tasty. I associated the experience more with how I feel about vitamin gummies, that taste good and I enjoy taking them as opposed to forcing down a medicine-y supplement. Pretty neat.

5. Neuenergy Chewable Energy Tabs. Sample size.


These taste like tums. I only took a tiny bite because I have to go to bed soon but each tab contains 59 mg of caffeine so I’m sure a few of these would give you the same pick-me-up as a cup of coffee. Nice to have if you want an energy boost but don’t want to drink an entire cup of coffee.

6. Banda-Sil Gel. Sample size.


This is a gel that you can apply over cuts and bruises and it works like a bandaid by creating a protective barrier. It keeps germs out and promotes faster healing. No more embarrassing bandaids across the forehead!

7.  $100 Wine Voucher for nakedwines.com.


Unfortunately I don’t drink, but my mom loves all things wine so I’m happy I can surprise her with this next time I see her 🙂

8. Earth’s Care Dry & Cracked Skin Balm. Sample size.


This is thick and pretty heavy duty skin balm. Great for heels or any areas where your skin is so dry it’s cracking, it sort of fills it in and seals it shut in a layer of protection. Great to have on hand in case I get sunburned or dry heels.

9. Miscellanious Bulu Box Coupons



This box is only $10 a month, and I think this was an awesome value for 10 bucks! It’s always fun to try new samples I would have never tried otherwise, and it’s great when I find something I’ll continue to use in the future (like the caveman bars)! Get your Bulu Box today and enter code 11748583 to get your second box free!

Ease of Cancellation

Go to My Account > My Subscriptions > Details > Cancel. That’s it!


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