Energy Supply Co. review March 2016

Energy Supply Co. is a subscription service that sends 6 hand picked energy drinks to your door every month. They choose hard to find brands and flavors to take the guess work out of choosing an energy drink!


The Goods


  1. BAWLS Guarana – Original flavor. 16 oz. Regular price: ~$1.75


This drinks flavor took me by surprise. It was not sour and bitter as per usual with energy drinks, the best I can describe this flavor is a mix of sprite and cream soda. It’s actually pretty good, I’d compare it more to regular sodas than energy drink flavor. It has 102mg of caffeine. As good as it tastes, it still gives the classic energy drink buzz! A win in my book 🙂

2.  BAWLS Guarana – Root Beer flavor. 16 oz. Regular price: ~$2.00


Oh wow! This is awesome because it AcTuAllY tastes like Root Beer! A root beer with 102mg of caffeine! ZING! Regular root beer generally has no caffeine, so for some reason I was assuming this wouldn’t taste like A&W or Mug, because caffeine would ruin the amazing flavor… right? Apparently not, this is spot-on!

3. DaVinci Smart Drink. 8.4oz. Regular price: ~$1.99


First impression was good with this drink, that’s the coolest can you’ve ever seen, right? This drink has 90mg caffeine and was conceived by physician and founder of Morthland College, Dr. Tim Morthland.  I think it portrays itself as some state-of-the art drink that magically makes your brain function better, but a quick browse of the ingredient list shows the same “special” ingredients as most energy drinks. As for the flavor.. it is blue raspberry with a menthol overtone. The menthol killed it for me. But if you’re into that kinda thing…

4. Maxx Power Energa drink. 8.4 oz. Regular price: ~$2.00


This drink looks like a Red Bull rip-off and tastes like one too. The company doesn’t say, literally anywhere, how much caffeine is in this. Just that it contains it, as well as niacin. Niacin makes me jittery and flushed so I didn’t finish this. Hey, they tried! (Or did they?)

5. SOCKO – Original flavor. 16oz. Regular price: ~$2.45


This has 200mg of caffeine ! So yeah, it will get you there. This company has been gone since 2010 and just made it’s comeback with their original drink, but replacing high fructose corn syrup with 100% cane sugar. A quick scan of the ingredients reveals Yerba Mate is in the mix as well. That alone is pretty impressive, usually energy drinks don’t try to be healthy given their implication. This drink is sweet and fruity… not bad. It’s not something you can drink with every meal, but it is better than most energy drinks and if I happen to see one on a shelf, I’ll probably pick it up.

6. SOCKO – SLIM. 16 oz. Regular Price: ~$2.45


This has 200mg of caffeine and all the same bells and whistles as it’s non-slim counterpart, but with only 10 calories per can! This has a sweet watermelon flavor, and tastes like a blend of citrus and berry that is hard to specify but easy to love! Probably my favorite out of the bunch.

7. Two awesome stickers! DaVinci and Bawls. Regular price: ~$4.00


They also included these two stickers.. I love the DaVinci one!



The value of the drinks in this box is about $17.00. BUT** Most of these drinks I’ve never seen in a gas station before, or heard about. So I think the real value of this box lies in the experience of getting to try new energy drinks you would have never tried before, otherwise. And for an energy drink enthusiast that is worth the $19.99/month this subscription costs.  Get yours today! Google Energy Supply Co “FIRST BOX FREE” and there’s lots of codes out there if you’d just like to give it a try. Nothing to lose 🙂

Ease of Cancellation

To cancel this subscription, shoot an email to and let them know you’d like to cancel.


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