Magickal Folk review March 2016

Magickal Folk is a monthly subscription box that has a variety of experiences to choose from depending on what your interests are. I chose the simple Crystal Parcel, which delivers a few crystals a month for just $5(+$2 S&H). For $10 you can choose crystals and essential oils, but I have a lot of essential oils already so I chose just the crystals.

The Goods

  1. Polished Rhodonite. Regular price: Unknown ~$1.00


A little known fact about me, I used to sell Crystal Dream Pouches on ETSY, that were pouches full of crystals conducive to lucid dreaming to put under your pillow and then have super vivid dreams… the reason I’m mentioning this is because, due to that, I literally have entire boxes of polished Rhodonite in my closet. I only used about 20 different crystals for the pouches, and there are hundreds, so I thought I might get to try some new ones by using this service. I’m confident I will if I stick to it.

Rhodonite empowers one to reach one’s full potential, focusing one’s gifts and energies outward for the betterment of all. It brings out the generosity of spirit.

2. Green Adventurine bracelet. Regular Price: Unknown ~$8.00


Green Adventurine reinforces one’s decisiveness and amplifies leadership qualities, injecting a sense of openness to the ideas of others.


I’d value these items at about $9.00 so I’d say it is worth it to subscribe, if you enjoy crystals like I do! Sign up today and use code BLOOMIN for 30% off!

Ease of Cancellation

Just sign in, click “Edit” under My Subscriptions, and “Cancel Subscription.” Piece of cake!



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