Peaches and Petals review March 2016


Peaches and Petals is a subscription box that delivers lifestyle and fashion products to your door every month.


The Goods

  1. Coffee Cup with Spoon. Regular price: ~$10.00


This coffee cup is really cute! It says, “BE A FRUIT LOOP in a world full of Cheerios”. The spoon sits in a slot in the handle. Perfect for my morning cup of coffee with the spoon right there to stir in milk!

2. Sassy Fras Splatter Paint Bath Bomb. Regular price: ~$5.00


This is awesome… I put it in my bath and it literally was a bomb of colors and glitter! The water evened out to a dark purple color with glitter and sparkles everywhere, and when I got out I had glitter stuck to me. It was pretty fabulous actually, lol!

3. Pretty in Pink Ultra-Slim Power Bank. Regular price: ~$14.99


I plugged this in and forgot about it, then on Saturday I was leaving for a movie with my boyfriend and he asked if I had a car charger for his phone, and I remembered this! I ran and grabbed it and plugged his phone in and it defiantly charged it up, it’s super useful for emergency charging (as long as you remember to keep it on you after it’s charged).

4. Eye Majic Instant Eye Shadow. Regular price: ~$2.50


This  product seemed almost too good to be true, but it actually works! Each color is defined and bright, and it goes on strong. It has a rich color and does not look faded at all! Really cool product I would have never tried if it wasn’t for the box!

5. Everyone Loves Coloring Patterns coloring book. Regular price: ~$8.00

I love this coloring book! It’s super complex and each page has a new pattern/design. It’s much more challenging than a regular coloring book and much more rewarding when finished as well!

6. Live Life in Color colored pencils / Pencil Sharpener. Regular price: ~$3.50


I love that they included coloring pencils to use on the coloring book and was excited to try them out. Unfortunately, the color from these pencils is REALLY dull, it took the excitement out of coloring the patterns because all the colors were faded and similar… at least I have lots of my own colored pencils to use instead.

7.  Enjoy Everything pencil case. Regular price: ~$3.50


Since the colored pencils have their own container, I’ll probably use this for some makeup essentials instead of colored pencils. It’s really cute!  I like the idea of having a makeup bag I can be proud of, haha!

8.Sassy Fras Bath & Body 25% off Coupon.


This will be useful because I really loved the bath bomb from here, so I’m excited to try something new! I take baths every day, so I will defiantly take advantage of this.


The value of the items in this box is approximately $48.00. I estimated the value of most items based on the prices of similar products I could find online.  The subscription is $19.99/month, so it defiantly saves time and money to use the subscription! Sign up for your first box here and use code PEACHADDICT for 50% off your first box!

Ease of Cancellation

To cancel, got to “My Account”>”Manage my Subscriptions”>”Cancel”. Easy!


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