eLiquid Box review March 2016

eLiquid Box is a subscription service that delivers 2 or 6 eLiquids of your choice per month. There are 6 brands to choose from and every flavor offered by each brand.


The Goods

  1. Silk Cloud Blue Raspberry 100% VG eLiquid. Regular price: $19.99


I chose SilkCloud because their eLiquids do not contain Acetoin or Diacetyl, two harmful ingredients in many eLiquids suspected to cause popcorn lung. I started vaping as an alternative to smoking because it is safer (although limited research has been done because it is a relatively new thing). So it is important to me to make sure I buy the cleanest and least toxic eLiquids that are offered. I checked to make sure eLiquid Box offered “clean” juices because there are actually only a few brands that don’t use these ingredients. Also, if you want to vape safer but are too lazy to do extensive research on every brand before you buy, like I am… a good bet is to at least stick to 100% VG… most harmful ingredients that have been discovered are inherently in PG blends. On to the flavor… wow! SilkCloud Blue Raspberry is strong, sour, and very tasty! It is really sweet and feels like smoking candy… pretty fantastic! I’ll defiantly continue to use this brand.

2. SilkCloud Acai Blueberry 100% VG eLiquid. Regular price: $19.99


This eLiquid flavor by silk cloud is great. The flavor is very pronounced and is a strong, sour, fruity blend. I’m really impressed with the eLiquids I received from this brand. I have tried a lot of brands and flavors, my usual brand is VirginVapor because their eLiquids are also organic and the VG offerings do not have any harmful ingredients. Their 30ml bottles are $22.00 so it gets expensive, these SilkCloud  juices are just as flavorful, if not more!


For two 30ml eLiquids of your choice delivered per month, the cost is $19.99. For 6 eLiquids it is $49.99. With the brand I chose, buying the two bottles without a subscription would cost $40.00, and with the subscription I only payed $19.99! A 50% value, I’ll take it! Not to mention for 6 eLiquids the cost of $49.99 is $70 less than the $120 it would cost otherwise! That is amazing! Before this subscription, last time I bought eLiquid, I ordered 4 bottles from VirginVapor for $94… now I can get 6 for $49.99, awesome! Get your eLiquid Box Today!

Ease of Cancellation

To cancel, just go to “Edit” under Your Subscriptions, and click “Cancel Subscription”. It is quite a relief to have such an easy cancellation policy after so many “email or call to cancel” boxes, let me tell you. Overall this is a must-have subscription box for people who vape!


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