Try The World review March, 2016

Try The World is a subscription box that delivers a variety of foods from a different country, every two months.


This months theme was Paris


The Goods

  1. La Mere Poulard Palets. Regular price: $4.50 for full size


These are french butter cookies. They have just the right amount of sweetness, not overpowering at all. They make a nice snack that is light and delicious. I’m finishing my box as I type this, yum!

2. Veritables Caramels Tendres. Regular Price: $19.95 for full size


These are salted butter caramels that are amazing! I’ve tried a lot of caramels in my day and these are by FAR the best I’ve ever had. The french have it figured out, apparently!

3. Un Brin Sauvage Persillade. Regular Price: $8.00 for full size


This is a blend of parsley, garlic, onion, and a dash of salt. The flavor of these spices was fantastic and tastes like it would really take my tilapia to the next level, I’m going to use it next time I cook to impress my friends!

4. Clementine Corse by Charles Antona. Regular Price: $6.95 for full size


This clementine jam is REALLY sweet. The oranges bits left a funny taste in my mouth, to me it almost tastes like orange peel and not the actual orange. Not for me.

5. Domaine des Vignes Dijon Mustard. Regular Price: $4.50 for full size


This dijon mustard has a really strong flavor. I love dijon mustard and I’m really excited about how tasty this is, I can’t wait to make some chicken dijon with it!

6. Palais Des Thes assorted Teas. Regular Price: $12.50 for full size


My box came with three flavors. Earl Grey, Earl Grey Mao Feng, and The du Hammam. I’ve only tried the The du Hammam which is a green tea evoking green date pulp, orange blossom, rose and berries. The tea was very rich in flavor and tasted great with some raw honey added. I brewed it, added honey, and then drank it iced. Delicious!

7. Fleur de Sel Sea Salt. Regular Price: $11.95 for full size


This salt has been harvested from the naturally pink salt flats of the French Mediterranean for centuries. To obtain the unrefined finishing salt, harvesters rake sea water every day and collect the sun-dried crystals.


The Try The World subscription box costs $39.00 every two months. Since their pricing is only shown for the full sized items, I cannot guess what the literal value is. I suppose it’s up to the individual. I’d say $39.00 seems fair for the experience of trying so many new foods from another country, that you probably never would have tasted otherwise.

Get $15 off your first box! Link

Ease of Cancellation

Cancelling is easy, Just go to Account>Manage Subscriptions>Cancel Subscription. When I went to cancel, they offered me my next box for 50% off to stay, so obviously I did! I like this subscription, easy to use and considerate to the customers.


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