Boxtera review February, 2016

Boxtera is a monthly snack subscription box that delivers 5 new snacks a month that are healthy and delicious! Their free trial box includes 6 snacks.

The Goods

  1. Chili Mango chews. Regular Price: $5.00 for full size (this is trial size)


These are VERY hot! They tasted like those fire potato chips but chewy instead of crunchy. Not for me, but if you like spicy food you may enjoy them.

2. Chipotle Honey Almonds. Regular Price: $5.00 for full size (this is trial size)


I loved these! They were spicy, but not hot like the chews. The honey flavor was sweet, and complimented the subtle spiciness perfectly. I loved these for a sweet and spicy treat.

3. Plantain Coins. Regular Price: $5.00 for full size (this is trial size)


Having never tried plantains before, I was assuming these would taste like banana coins. Not at all, actually. They just tasted like thick, lightly salted potato chips. I’m sure these are much healthier than potato chips, though, so these are a great healthy alternative!

4.  Dark Chocolate Pretzels. Regular Price: $5.00 for full size (this is trial size)


Yum!! These were delightful! Perfect amount of rich dark chocolate on the pretzels. There is 3.5 servings in a bag (So a little more than one small pretzel is considered a serving) and 135 calories per serving. So each little pretzel is more than 100 calories and they’re quite small. I ate them all at once so 472 calories for 4 little pretzels seems like a lot to me, lol!

5. Boxtera Bites. Regular Price: $7.00 for full size (this is trial size)


These are tasty! They’re chewy and sweet and the flavor of oats, orange, and cranberry stands out the most. These are tasty little treats, and pretty filling, too!

6. A-maize-ing Pops. Regular Price: $6.00 for full size (this is trial size)


These are half-popped kernels of corn. They taste… well.. like half popped popcorn! They are good and really buttery which I love. A great alternative to grocery store popcorn.


This box was definitely worth what I paid and more! It was their free trial box, so their monthly boxes have 5 full size snacks for $19.95 a month. Since each snack is 5 to 7 dollars, using the subscription would save 5-10 dollars. So you save money by subscribing. If you are health conscious and like the idea of healthy snacks being delivered to your door every month, you won’t be disappointed with Boxtera. You can even opt to pick out your own snacks!

Ease of Cancellation

I could not find anything about my subscription on the “my account” page at Boxtera or anything about cancelling. Turns out you just click “Build my Box” and then “Cancel Subscription”. Pretty simple once you figure it out


2 thoughts on “Boxtera review February, 2016

  1. Greetings,

    Thank you for the kind review. However if you could please make one change. You ordered the sample box. This includes samples and not our full servings. Our $19.95 membership includes 5 full sized packets of snacks. The $24.95 is a one time discovery box that includes 5 full packs as well. The sample box is sample sized packets. Hope this helps and better explains our system. Again thank you for trying


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