TomBoxes review February, 2016

TomBoxes is a monthly subscription box for females that provides feminine hygeine products, makeup, jewelry and more. You take a quiz and tell them your skin color, style type, if your prefer pads or tampons, the brand you prefer, and other questions to give them a sense of what to include in your personalized box.


The Goods

  1. Tampax Pearl Super (18 count)- Regular Price: $4.03


Just enough for one period, isn’t that a cool idea? The idea of not having to remember tampons and having enough for a period delivered each month is cool, like they have my back!

2.Speach’s Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Brickle. Regular Price: $1.50

Yay for chocolate! This “Brickle” was delicious. It is similar to brittle, but thicker. Hence the name. It really was delicious, it was much harder than a Hershey’s bar and really crunchy and delicious. I am always happy to try new candy!

3. Double Strand Infinity Necklace. Regular Price: $27.00


I am not 100% about the price on this, but after some research I came across this: Link, and think it might be the same necklace. The necklace is really cute and comes in its own drawstring pouch. A perfect subtle addition to spice up any outfit really.

4. Pamper your period box with Expose California Tan lip gloss($4.25), Medusa’s Make-Up body shimmer($12.00), and 3 Furlesse patches to smooth forehead lines(~$2.00). Regular Price: $18.25


I like the lip gloss a lot, it is pomegranate lemonade flavored and smells awesome. It has Cocoa Butter and Beeswax to supply supple moisture. It goes on very light and gives my lips a plump, shiny look. The Furesse forehead patches are cool to try, I can’t know how well they work from just 3 applications but I like the idea. The body shimmer broke up a bit in transport, it is still usable and fine, though. I’m not a body shimmer type, anyways.



The value of the items in this box is about $50.00. The box is normally $16.00/month. Get your first month for just $8.00! Using the box, I saved about 70% than buying the items individually (if I got the price of the necklace correct), which I’d say is a pretty awesome value for a lot of unique, quality items.

Ease of Cancellation

This one is a little tricky. On your subscriptions page, there is a button titled, “Cancel Subscription”, I liked how easy this was seeming, and then I clicked the button, and a compose email window popped up to TomBoxes support. Nothing changed on the webpage screen, nothing explaining that you have to email TomBoxes to request cancellation. I am pretty internet savvy so I knew that obviously this meant I have email them to request a cancellation if I wish to cancel. But I can’t help but think that if someone like my Grandma had this service and hit “Cancel Subscription” and the compose email popped up, she would probably be confused and not really understand what was happening, or worse, X out of the pop up and think that she’d done it just by clicking the box. I really think this method of cancellation is misleading and potentially confusing for some people. Also, I emailed to cancel at 5:00 P.M. yesterday, and it is currently 12:40 P.M. the next day and I have not heard back yet. So I’m not particularly impressed with their cancellation procedure.


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