SumoJerky review February 2016

SumoJerky is a monthly box subscription where you get new jerky delivered to your door monthly.


The Goods

  1. 3oz bag of Sweet Sriracha BBQ beef jerky. Regular Price : $7.99.

This jerky was really delicious and I’m glad I got to try this new jerky. I guess I am slightly dissapointed that the grand total saved .5 cents by using this service… I guess I imagined lots of small samples of different jerky’s, maybe I did not research enough before I signed up. The brand of this jerky is Savage Jerky, and a 3oz bag on their site is $7.99. A SumoJerky subscription is $7.95 plus shipping (<$4). If you like trying different Jerky, this could be for you. Unfortunately, although the jerky was good… the value seems too insignificant to make sense to me.


Ease of Cancellation

To cancel your SumoJerky subscription, you have to email the company. The only cancellation procedure I dislike more than email is having to call an actual number to cancel. My issue with email cancellation is that you never know if the company will get the email on time, and it seems really unnecessary to require an email to cancel when 1,000 other websites have a “Cancel” button. What is the advantage of using email and relying on humans to cancel your boxes subscriptions instead of an actual computer? Is it that maybe less people will want to go through the trouble and just keep the subscription? If so, in my opinion thats kind of shady. Either way, I emailed them. Haven’t heard back yet but I’m sure I will have it cancelled before my next shipment, at least.


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