eSalon Made For You – Custom Hair Color box review Feb 23, 2016

Made For You is a custom hair color subscription box service by eSalon. You can set up auto-delivery from every 2-12 weeks.


They send you a custom coloring kit of your choice after filling out a brief survey about your hair. In the box you get hair color, volume developer, personalized instructions, and a perfect match kit with shampoo, conditioner, 2 pairs of latex gloves, stain guard, stain remover, and an applicator brush as a first order bonus.

The Goods

  1. A Custom Color application- Custom Hair Color & Instant Chemistry Developer. Regular Price: 24.95

I received enough color to do my whole head, as instructed.

2. Perfect Match Kit – single use shampoo, single use conditioner, 2 pairs of latex gloves, stain guard, stain remover, and an applicator brush as a first order bonus. Value of about $5.25


I had enough stain guard to save for the next time and did not even open the stain remover. I only used one pair of latex gloves, although the instructions said to use the second pair in the shower (more on that later)

I had a hair coloring kit (bowl, clips, timer) from their match up box already, so I used that to color. When I filled out my color questionnaire, it asked what I expected from this and I put “I want people to look at my hair and say, ‘Wow.. that’s purple!'” eSalon emailed me before they shipped the box and said if that is what I wanted, I would have to go to a salon. They offered to refund me instead of send it. I told them I understood and I didn’t want to pay for salon color or bleach my hair for brighter color so to send it, and they did.

My hair before:


My hair during:


My hair after:


I’m satisfied with the color, it looks like a good autumn tone. In my custom instructions it said a “secret of the professionals” was to bring my color I didn’t use in the shower with me (and the unused pair of gloves), get my hair wet, pour the rest of the color on my head and lather it in for about a minute and rinse. I didn’t use gloves because I was in the shower, but anyways, I poured, lathered, rinsed… looked around me… and EVERYTHING I mean EvErYtHiNg was Covered in red/purple dye! The walls, shower, curtain… luckily I have the shower head you hold do I grabbed it and sprayed everything off and it all rinsed right off – but if it wasn’t that type of shower head I would have been in a pickle… lol.


The value of the items in my box was about $45.00. The subscription box is $19.95. So you save about 56% by using the subscription. I only paid $14.95 because they have a $10.00 off first box sale going right now. Link If you color your hair regularly, I think the value of this professional hair coloring subscription is well worth it.

Ease of Cancellation

Very easy. Click “my hair color” under “My Account”, then click “change” next to “My hair color every ** weeks”, then “turn off color plan” on the bottom right. Simple and self explanatory.

Here is a side-by-side before and after for better comparison of the color.


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