eSalon The Match Up Box Review Feb. 22, 2016


The Match Up is a subscription box from eSalon. Each month (or as long as 12 weeks apart) you choose three full sized products to be included in your box for a fraction of the regular prices.


There is a ton of products to choose from, from shampoos and conditioners to eyebrow enhancing serum. For my box I chose shampoo, conditioner, and a hair coloring kit. The coloring kit I got to use for my other subscription from eSalon (a hair color subscription that I’ll review in a later post!)


The Goods

  1. Big Love Color Safe Volumizing Shampoo. Regular Price: $15.00


This shampoo has vegetable protein for body and moisture, as well as provitamin B5 for deep moisturizing and shine. It leaves hair refreshed, full-bodied, and is safe for color-treated hair. First thing I noticed with this shampoo is the lack of suds when I used it. It does get soapy but not a big bubble of lather like some shampoos. From my experience, shampoos that do not cause a soapy lather are usually organic and made with safer ingredients and usually leave my hair more soft than regular shampoos. This shampoo was no exception.. my hair was soft and shiny after using it.

2. Big Softie Color Safe Volumizing Conditioner. Regular Price: 15.00


This conditioner adds volume to fine hair, leaves hair soft and shiny, detangles and is safe for color-treated hair. I loved the feel of this, it was so smooth and creamy and felt good to rub into my hair. I left it on for a few minutes while I washed the rest of my body and rinsed. My brush ran right through my hair without hiccups, and my hair was soft and shiny after blow drying.

3. Professional Kit Coloring Tools. Regular Price: $20


This is a professional hair coloring kit. I chose this for my box because I also subscribed to their “My Hair Color” subscription box. I have not gotten that box in the mail yet so I have not yet used this kit. It comes with everything I’ll need, though. A professional coloring bowl, professional hair coloring brush, four large hair clips, and a digital timer with battery.


The value of the items in my box was $50, and the subscription boxes are $30. So by using the subscription I would save about 40%. My first box was only $19.95 (15.00 + 4.95 shipping).  I used this link for 50% off my first box. I think the value I can get by subscribing to the box is great, much cheaper than buying all regular priced salon products. I also like that I can choose the frequency of my renewals (1 month to 12 weeks.) Overall this is great for anyone who prefers salon quality hair care products

Ease of Cancellation:

I am going to include this section in all of my reviews, because I know far to well the pain of cancelling a subscription box and having to jump through hoops to do so. Thankfully, for esalon, all you have to do it go to Account> My Match Up> “change” on top right next to frequency>Turn off Match up Plan (bottom right) Then they’ll ask if you are sure and if you select yes, it will be cancelled. Easy Peasy!


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